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Who’s Coaching Who?

All three of my birds have now flown the Collective nest: Kayla, Kiki, and Elaine. These women served our team for a combined 26 months over the last year while pursuing their degrees. Kiki even joined me before we had a name or logo. I am so proud to have served as their mentor, supervisor, and consulting partner while they were here. The constant flow of team members (and clients) in and out of a consulting firm is a given. It is also mutually exhilarating and energizing. As I attend graduations and final classes for each of them, I can’t help but smile knowing that they coached me just as much as I coached them. Between these three I now know the intricacies of Canva, Thankview, and Notion. I’ve been to a virtual escape room. I’ve made (and loved!) vegan brownies and eaten slave-free chocolate. We’ve doubled our push ups, been secret elves, and battled in Kahoot. Sounds like more than three of us have gotten stronger, learned new life skills, and will fly even higher now, doesn’t it?

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