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Preparing to Merge Back Into the post-COVID World

In the last few weeks, our clients have been celebrating the possibility of a post-COVID world and what it means for them and their missions. Campaign plans are being dusted off, offices are being cleaned, and event dates are being tentatively set. The excitement is palpable.

That said, it’s going to be awkward to pick up where we left off over a year ago. On every level, we have been slowed down, isolated, and abruptly disconnected from the world we left. This reminds me of attending a long silent meditation retreat. On the last day of these retreats, the teachers always educate the students about reentry into the busy, hectic worlds that they left. They remind us that it will take many days before we can truly return to our former pace, that we may have unexplained emotional reactions to even the smallest things, and that it’s best to minimize loud noises and strong stimuli for as long as possible. They also recommend you never drive yourself home. Even the act of driving can be overwhelming after a retreat. I will be reminding each of our clients about this analogy. I will also offer to pick each of them up with care as they prepare to steer their organizations as vehicles about to merge back onto the hectic nonprofit freeway.

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