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Say Hello to a special set of angels of
The Olympia Collective family that embody our core value of generosity.

The Olympia Collective Donor Society gives as a group with glee to worthy nonprofit causes.

In 2023, our angel-winged 🪽philanthropists
have personally donated

$ 0

to help our selected nonprofit, Reach for Home
eliminate homelessness in Northern Sonoma County. 💘



The Olympia Collective*
Shoshana Ungerleider*


$1,000 to $4,999

Yann Bertaud
Christine Dittmer*
Esther Friedman Family Foundation*
Matthew Karimi-Pouia*
Anne Munitz
Mark Rapoza*


$500 to $999

Josephti Cruz*
Carissa Holsted*
Lindsey Landman*
Sarah Cotton Nelson*
Tracy Wheeler*


$250 to $499

Kevin Chase*
Nicole DeVoss*
Lisa Griffiths
Susan K. Sanford*
Paul Steiner
Carolyn and John Warszawski*
Heather Vučetin


up to $249

Chris Almeria*
Nicole Ammon*
Mike Andrade*
Hope Bang
Brianne Bear
Bella Bertaud
Sally Bryant*
Kris Dworkoski*
Madison Eady*
Neelama Eyres
Lisa Fatu
Lesa Givens
Maja Grajski
Lara Gwyn
Jess Harig*
Olivia Hickerson
Caroline Maddox*
Renee Mandala
Tammy McKinney*
Ronna Montgomery
Rhiannon O’Leary*
Ani Ohanessian*
Herber Palacios*
Elizabeth Park*
Mitzi Rider*
Katie Rosson
Bryce Shaffer
Margaret Sluyk
Bowie Starr
Gina Tan*
Treehouse Partners
Kiki Walker*
Vilaloy Warlick*
Martina Webb
Billy Woo
Henry Woodward*
Jenny Zak Pattison

*These divine beings are the highest ranking members of our Donor Society, because they have given two or more consecutive years in a row to our efforts.

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