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What NOT to Mask Right Now

As we all grapple with guidelines about wearing masks in public, we perpetually ask ourselves the question, “to mask, or not to mask?” Outside of personal realms, as leaders, we need to remember we actually have discretion to decide what our organizations “mask” during the pandemic. At The Olympia Collective, it’s never once dawned on me to mask any of our seven core values. In fact, the opposite is true. We lean on them to help guide us through suffering, and each time they have served us. Our values are what has protected us and kept us healthy during disruption, chaos, and confusion. Our core values are ingrained in our team, they are defined on our website and they pervade all Collective documents in an order that is not accidental. The first core value – which will always be the first as long as I am the Founder – is Fun. For anyone who knows me, this should NOT be a surprise. Ask me how our team has displayed Fun since mid-March. Virtual game shows instead of a team meeting? Check. ✔ Surprise custom client packages timed to arrive at the same time? Check. ✔ Baby Yoda Mouse Pads? Check. ✔ Virtual Background challenges on Zoom? Check. ✔ Emoji-Only Slack Channels? Check. ✔ Sky High Morale? Check. ✔ Deadlines met? Check. ✔ Happy Clients? Check. ✔ Bonding Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations? Check. ✔ New Client Referrals? Check. ✔ Thank you, Fun, for making us and our work more resistant than ever to what ails us. 🤸🏻‍♂️🤣🎭 #corevalues #funtothecore #wearamask #fun #employeemorale #nonprofitleadership #unmasked #check #funonly #mandatoryfun #weputthefuninfundraising #emojis #fundrivesprofit #happyclients #happyteam

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