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The First Step is Working on Us

A thoughtful client asked me this weekend, “I’m curious what you know other organizations are doing and messaging in response to so much racial injustice. We have had deep conversations within our board, and want to publish our stance and show empathy and humility in this difficult time.” I immediately pointed him to this June 2, 2020 post entitled “A Call to Justice,” by Providence High School’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force and senior leadership. I appreciate the school’s bold, impactful, and direct approach to recent events that leave many of us feeling shocked, ignorant, guilty, appalled, and frozen in place. One of the statements in this post that really spoke to me is, “We know that the first step is working on us…we have not done enough to advocate in and outside of our school for the dignity of black, indigenous, and people of color.” This message jarred me out of my shock and into reflection. And it was the first thing I wanted another caring fellow white person to read as we struggle with acknowledging how our race has systematically deprived others of basic decency, respect and human rights. As the Call to Justice implores, we can and will change reality: “Together we can build a better world in which people never live in fear because of the color of their skin.”

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