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⭐The Ultimate Connection: When Stars (and Values) Align

It’s always amazing when you put words out into the universe and attract things that align with them. At The Olympia Collective, we put our hearts on our sleeves (and our website and materials) by defining and living by the words in our seven core values. For the first time since going public with our core values, we have secured a new client whose mission not only aligns with one of them, but whose mission statement actually includes the word. The core value is Connection. The new client is Inside Circle. Its mission: “Using the power of human connection, we positively impact each community we touch by reducing violence inside and outside prisons, lowering recidivism rates, and providing the public with transformative social-emotional learning.” Co-Executive Directors Lisa Blum and Eldra Jackson III are fueled by these words and depend on Connection in every aspect of their work. We are so proud to connect Inside Circle to The Olympia Collective family. We already say that we connect, deeply and meaningfully, to nurture lasting and powerful outcomes. This will be no connection exception! #corevalues #connection #connect #collective #outcomes #heartsonsleeves #nonprofitleadership #happyclients

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