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How to Tap Hidden Wealth During COVID-19

Let’s ask ourselves this question: “What can I provide to others today that they desperately need in exchange for tapping into their skills and experiences that I lack?” THAT is novel. As we all suffer through the eighth week of the pandemic, both the pros and cons of having all of humanity confined have become more evident. As an optimist, I have been focusing way more on the pros. As someone who has unique skills and experience, I have also realized how much I am connected to those who have talent that I don’t. My novel idea for this week has been to revert to something that actually advanced mankind in the first place: bartering. A friend has asked for my consulting time and instead of accepting payment, I asked him to help me with my partnership strategies. Another who I am paying to complete my branding will be providing me with some additional free branded tools while in exchange I help her with client engagement strategies. One of my team members needed a new computer. I bought it for her in exchange for additional unpaid hours she can provide to me for a client. In a time when resources may appear to be more scarce, I actually think they abound. Perhaps this “throwback” to bartering talent and time will help us advance well beyond the current downturn.

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